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My Head Hurts – deonandia

My Head Hurts

I have this perpetual migraine these days. Being stressed out is not good. Too much work to do, too far behind in getting it done, and too much emotional turmoil, both in the personal life (read: love life) and the international life (read: tsunami). Aieee.

Speaking of the latter, our group finally has a fundraising event in Ottawa coming up. It’s a benefit yoga class (hey, why not?) to be held Jan 30th. Watch this space for more details. The funds are rushing in, and our first mission to Sri Lanka will occur in the begining of February. It is unlikely that I will be part of that mission since there are others better prepared and more personally invested. It’s a dangerous undertaking, and I hope they will remain safe.

If anyone out there has a contact with Air Canada or another airline, please think about sharing it with me. We’re looking to get an airline to donate a couple of seats to Sri Lanka. Surely there’s a generous carrier out there somewhere?

We are approaching, in some respects, one of the more dangerous periods in disaster relief: that moment when the disaster slips from the front pages, but the death toll continues to rise. This is not a short-term thing. What is required is pretty much the reconstruction of whole nations…. and this time, the people will welcome our efforts, unlike in the more disingenous attempts at nation-building in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But let’s end today’s update on an up note. Congratulations to my beloved parents on their 48th wedding anniversary, one day before Elvis’s birthday.