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I Summon Thee, UFO – deonandia

I Summon Thee, UFO

There’s a dude in Las Vegas who calls himself Prophet Yahweh and from his website, it’s clear that he’s a bit of a nutbar. The Prophet’s real name is Ramon Watkins and he’s a typical “I know the true plan of the Lord” sort of nut. Watkins also claims to be able to summon UFOs at will, by reciting Hebrew prayers he has deciphered from the Old Testament.

Okay, fine. But what makes Prophet Yahweh interesting is that he has apparently proved his ability on live television! As you can see in this video clip, ABC News in Las Vegas took him up on the challenge, naming the time and place of the summoning and only giving Prophet Yahweh 30 minutes notice. Yet he somehow managed to produce what looks like a UFO! Apparently has predicted a whole month of paranormal happenings, according to his press release here.

I don’t pretend to know what we’re looking at in the video clip. Many theories abound. But Prophet Yahweh has produced several more summonings on demand, and if you join his Yahoo! group (as I have), you can download more clips and delight in the Prophet’s fascinating (insert sarcasm here) insights.

The Prophet has predicted that before July 15th, he will produce a UFO so close to downtown Las Vegas that no one will be able to doubt its substantiveness. Time will tell. In the mean time, though I wish the Prophet no ill will, it’s nonetheless interesting to note his ad on Yahoo! Personals. Hey, even prophets need love, right?

While a quirky self-styled prophet summoning UFOs to the Las Vegas desert is always interesting, North American media has not been as sanguine toward an on-going invasion of Brazil and Mexico by what appear to be entire fleets of UFOs. Maybe this is an optical illusion or experimental military aircraft (my money is on ball lightning) or maybe it’s the real thing, but google “Mexico UFO fleet” and see what you get. Here is film footage of one of the encounters.

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PS. Thanks to all the Ottawa types who made my Springtime martini evening a success. I wish to also thank and plug the makers of Hangover RX —it works!