Bombing Civilians and Making Donald Fart

Remember yesterday’s discussion of online dating services? Well, the world of South Asian online dating is a whole special subset of that industry. Thanks to Sheila J. for providing this take on that particular world. Oh yes, you have to click on it. you have to. Do it. Now.

Well, looky looky. It seems there exists a memo suggesting that Bush the Younger actively sought to bomb the Qatar offices of Al-Jazeera, a legal group of civilian newscasters. And in the UK, the press is being gagged about this memo. This crap gets stinkier every day.

As many know, I’m a fan of reality television. And yes, I’m aware that it’s mostly scripted. But it seems that the writers of such programs (yes, they have writers) are up in arms because the corporate sponsors are compelling the producers to change aspects of “reality” to suit their marketing ends. In other words, editors are being forced to change episodes to suit the advertisers. I suppose this is to be expected. But the Writers Guild of America is fighting back with the launch of Subservient Donald. Click on the link to pretend to be a sponsor and make Donald Trump do as he’s told. Tell him to “fly”, “show me your chest” or “yawn”. You can even get him to whore products. Now that’s reality TV!

Longtime reader Nasty Nicky B. now has his own blog over at It’s a niche market, but he’s got some clever ideas.

Lastly, this Sunday my weekly sitar class will be held at my place! Our teacher, the wise and powerful Anwar Khurshid has agreed to hold council at Chez Wat from 11:AM onward. If I can wrangle it, I will webcast the whole class on the watcam.