My Blogging Peeps

Though I blog daily, I rarely take the time to browse the blogs of others. Well, I generally make it a point to visit Rondi, Andrew Sullivan, my pal Andrew Currie, Antonia Zerbiasis and, before he took it down recently, the blog of my right-wing friend Matt Vadum. Recent blogs by friends Nick Barrowman and Hope Senechal have also been newly added to my list. The classic blog of Wonkette has suffered since my dream girl, Ana Marie Cox, moved on to better things. Same can be said of everyone’s favourite ingler, Jessica Cutler, aka “The Washingtonienne“. Rick Mercer is usually fun. And of course, fantasy writer and regular, Maggie Wood maintains a charming and sweet site. But my blog scanning usually involves looking for news I might have missed in the mainstream media.

So today I took the time to look at the non-newsy blogs of people who have occasionally visited, whom I do not know personally. And I am truly impressed. From Down Under, my homeboy Phil Gomes tells us all we need to know about cycling. Amba in NY is truly an excellent photographer and has some nice spiritual, political and philosophical insights. And Vodka Rani continues to tread into the dangerous waters where feminism, religion and politics meet. If I’ve missed anyone, do let me know!

It’s a wonderful and exciting blogosphere, no?