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Screwby Doo

(Note: Before reading this post, please consult the very serious Deonandan.com disclaimer.)

The daily perv link is indeed back. Here it is. Yes, today’s is about a woman and her dog. I tells ya, the prevalence of such reports in the news is increasing. Again, I suggest the following mechanisms: either the actual prevalence of the act has increased, the tendency for the news to cover it has increased, or the tendency for such acts to be discovered has increased. Insufficient data to conclude which is the case.

The rotten.com forum has some nice comments about this story, though:

“Whatever a woman, and a dude, and another woman, and a dog decide to do in the comfort of their own home and on videotape should be of no concern to the authorities. You know the dog was loving it.”

“Seriously, I bet that dog can do some wonderful party tricks now.”

“I’m surprised they didn’t arrest the dog. Patriot act and all. ”

“That dogs out in the backyard now tellin all his buddys how good human p**** is.”

(Sad that I have to issue his disclaimer, but I have learned the hard way that many blog readers are semi-illiterate fools who can’t distinguish between the reporting of a thing and the advocating for that thing. For the record, I am not advocating this act, which I find vile and criminal. But it is kinda funny.)