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Daring Thrill-Seeker? More Like Glaring Porn Keeper – deonandia

Daring Thrill-Seeker? More Like Glaring Porn Keeper

EK Hornbeck sends us the CIA Personality Quiz! I got “Daring Thrill-Seeker.” Hey, I’m as surprised as you.

Due to popular demand, I give you–for one night only!– the return of the Daily Perv Link.

Cousin Ajay sends us this: I Can’t Believe It’s Pot Butter.

Here is a very important article. It’s about a radio talk show host in middle America suggesting that all Muslims in America should be forced to wear a crescent armband to identify them. Apparently he got a flood of agreeing phone calls…. then he let his listeners know that he was actually running an experiment and was horrified by how readily common Americans were willing to treat an ethnic group the same way that the Nazis treated the Jews. Think the lesson hit home? I really doubt it.

And while you’re all riled up and mad, go ahead and read this, courtesy of Mr. Hornbeck.

We end today with a prayer to Almighty Zod to keep safe regular Deonandia visitor SM, who, as part of the Canadian military mission in Afghanistan, officially went “outside the wire” today, for the first time exposing herself to enemy aggression. Let’s all hope that nobody shoots anybody.