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Mmmm…Hot Chile… – deonandia

Mmmm…Hot Chile…

What’s that noise? Oh, it’s Augusto Pinochet –the cause of history’s first infamous 9/11– arriving in Hell. What’s he doing? Oh, he’s just signaling to Henry Kissinger that he’ll wait for him in the lobby.

He may as well be waiting for the members of BushCo. Certainly, Kofi Annan has figured this out, and is making it clear in his various exit speeches. No one talks about it much anymore, but let’s not forget that the bastards are torturing murderers who belong in the same category as Pinochet. One day –hopefully not too long in the future– W’s funeral will cause the same introspection among Americans as Pinochet’s has among Chileans, and for much the same reasons: the apologists for his crimes will weep, while we who protested will be saddened that the world was too cowardly and morally bankrupt to ever try him and his cronies for their crimes.

That such men enjoy the immunity that their society provides is the true cause of modern religiosity: we all need to believe that there exists an ultimate, omnipotent authority who will mete out punishment at the end of it all.

For now, let’s assume that it’s true. Makes me warm all over.