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Return Of The Horse Shtupper – deonandia

Return Of The Horse Shtupper

You may recall a while back that I reported on a “barnyard brothel” in Washington for those folks with peculiar bestial sexual tastes. You may also recall that the story came to national prominence after one of the clients, after having paid to be the willing ingler (i.e., recipient) of some old fashioned horse lovin’, succumbed to the resulting (and fairly unavoidable, I should think) internal injuries.

Well, apparently the dude’s Yahoo! profile is still up. Yep, looks like a horse fucker to me. The best part is that under “hobbies”, he has included “horses”. Ya think?

The entire sordid affair is summarized here, with a link at the bottom to a video allegedly of the deed itself. Trust me: you do not need to see this video. But I include it here because I know at least one of you wants to.

There are two silver linings to this story. First, as a result, the state of Washington was forced to reconsider its stance that interspecies sex with animals over 100 lbs is not illegal. And second, I got to discover the Encyclopaedia of Stupid.

In other news (Let’s quickly change this subject)….

Today’s SF Book of the Day: I just finished reading Clarke and Baxter’s The Light of Other Days, a brilliant science fiction novel about the greatest communications revolution in history– the ability to watch anyone, anywhere in the Universe, from any perspective and at any time. The book cleverly explores all the possible societal and psychological implications of such a technology.

One of the interesting parlour exercises it presents, however, is cogitating upon what historical event you would watch if you could observe anything that happened at any time in history. I think we would quickly tire of watching ourselves in the past, and maybe even our parted loved ones, and would soon dial the machine back to the most interesting moments of the past.

Even as a non-Christian, I think one of my first stops would be to observe the life of Jesus Christ– a topic fully explored in the book. I think the early days of Mohammed’s revelations would be fascinating to watch, as well. The assassination of JFK? A given. Or maybe even watch Robert Johnson sell his soul to the devil.

What would you watch? (And don’t say you’d watch that horse-shtupper in the barn; there’s already video of that.)