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Yobs – deonandia


Hmmm, 3:30AM and I’m wide awake. Who’s jet lagged? Anyone? Bueller?

Here’s a brief follow-up to yesterday’s post about the Stone Roses. Their singer, the yob named Ian Brown was the stylistic template for many contemporary British pop star yob wannabes, especially their #1 yob, Liam Gallagher. Go to Youtube and search for both these fellows. You’ll find countless videos of Gallagher attacking random people, and countless videos of Ian Brown fighting with fans, bouncers and show hosts. Then there’s the way Gallagher has stolen Brown’s look. This is Ian Brown:

And this is Liam Gallagher:

Can you tell them apart? Yobs of a feather, dude.

Now, because I love you all, I give you this, a clip from one of the 1980s greatest (read: stupidest) TV shows, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. Enjoy:


In Dr Who news, the babetastic Freema Agyeman, to whom paeans have long been sung on this blog, will join the cast of the craptacular Who spin-off series, Torchwood this coming season. Details are here.

Know what else I’ve discovered? The wonders of nasal irrigation!