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Israeli Bacon – deonandia

Israeli Bacon

Let’s begin today with this story: it seems the Israeli government is being all pouty and refusing to give former US President Jimmy Carter any security when he meets with Hamas during his present trip to Israel.

Well, well, well. Where to start? First off, let’s remember that Jimmy Carter saved Israeli bacon back in the day, by essentially agreeing to pay for Egypt to leave them alone, via the Camp David Accords. The man should be a hero in both countries.

Second, let us remember that Hamas –like ’em or hate ’em– was elected the legal representatives of the Palestinian people. How can any serious diplomatic endeavour not include some dialogue, or at least recognition, of them?

Third, let us certainly not forget that Carter –like ‘im or hate ‘im– is nonetheless the former President of the United States, and should thus be accorded necessary diplomatic protection, in the name of both honour and continued good relations with the USA.

And lastly, who are the Israelis kidding? They’ve got a beef with Hamas? Fine. But a lot of the Jewish settlers ain’t exactly prizes, either:

In Other News:

Wikileaks.org has leaked some sensitive Scientology documents. When the “church” threatened them with implied legal action, Wikileaks replied with a promise to publish “a thousand additional pages.” Yayyy, wikileaks!

Amphibious provides us with not-quite-a-Daily-Perv-Link in this story about a man porking a picnic table. Splinters, anyone?

And cousin Ajay sends us this clip of the new quadrupedal robot “Big Dog” going through its paces. As he notes, Judgment Day is indeed upon us. But my first reaction: I want to ride it!