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Getting Old Sucks, Part 2 – deonandia

Getting Old Sucks, Part 2

You know, I’ve been going to the same hair dresser for 4 years now. On my very first visit, I remember clearly joking about the one gray hair she found, and about how we made a ritual of plucking it out. Fast forward to this morning, when for the first time she unironically presented me with the option of dyeing all my gray hairs, which are now much too plentiful for her to seek-and-destroy individually. Yep, getting old sucks.

It’s that time of the year again. The evil fruit flies are back. No, it doesn’t have to do with any unhygienic behaviours on my part. I swear, it’s my messy neighbours who attract the damn things. Regular readers will recall my introduction of the Deonandan Cherry Brandy Trap, followed by the Mark II and Mark III models. Last night, I erected the Mark IV, and it’s doing a swell job. Problem is, my prime fly bait is Guyanese cherry brandy, and I used up the last of it in the latest contraption. This is it, my last chance to extinguish the beasties for good.

Everyone has been sending me links to this story, about a Guyanese man so pompously distraught that economy-class passengers were disembarking the plane before his first class ass that he exited the plane using the escape slide. No, he’s not a relative of mine. As far as I know. But I wouldn’t put it past one of my relatives to pull the same stunt.

Speaking of Guyana, this link tells us everything you ever wanted to know –or ever didn’t want to know– about the land of my incidental birth.

Meanwhile, Cousin Ajay sends us this weird-ass Telugu condom commercial. Sing along, children:

In Cousin Ajay’s words, “The scene at 5:44 kind of scared me…”

Further to my ongoing issues with Vista, Dawn is all too pleased with herself for having found this tidbit about Bill Gates himself being upset with his creation. And further to my Skiffy.ca review of the new Indy movie, Dawn also sends us this.

That’s all I got today. Back to plucking out the gray hairs….