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Arrgh, I Detest This Woman – deonandia

Arrgh, I Detest This Woman

From Dan Savage:

“Sarah Palin is pleased that her daughter ‘made the decision’—on her own—to keep the baby… But Sarah Palin doesn’t believe that other girls should be able to make their own decisions. Sarah Palin believes that abortion should be illegal in almost every instance—including rape and incest. So Bristol Palin is being celebrated for making a choice that Sarah Palin would like to take away from all other American women. Apparently, today’s GOP believes that choice is a special right reserved for the wayward daughters of Republican-elected officials.”

That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

And from Reverend Manny and the Twilight Empire:

“Oh America. You sad, stupid, spoiled bitch. You wasted . gilded heffer marching on the killing floor with a bible up your ass and a twinkle in you somniferent eye. You stupid stupid nation. Look how far afield psychoworld you’ve taken us.

How did we get here? How did we go from a 680 billion dollar surplus and the top moral standing in the world, to record-setting national debt and the ire/suspicion of the rest of the globe? How did we get from a tough, but semi-permeable hierarchy into a deadset Barbell economy? What happened to the middle class? You fat, stupid, spoiled bitch. What in the fuck did you do…?”

Unsurprisingly, former Reagan advisor Dinesh D’Souza has another take.

Been waiting for someone to photoshop Sarah Palin’s head onto Michael Palin’s body, or vice versa. No takers yet. This is the closest we have: