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Mine Are Sweet Like Honey, Too – deonandia

Mine Are Sweet Like Honey, Too

Has anyone not seen David Letterman’s Global Warming rant? No? Check it out here.

In other news, they can now “print” concrete shapes. This is a bit of a revolution in cheap construction. If the technology remains open source, we may see a bit of a decline in housing prices worldwide as the construction cost also declines. Reminds me of some clever concepts in science fiction, among them the mobile plastics factory in Kim Stanley Robinson’s epic and brilliant Red Mars. The factory allowed the first colonists on Mars to build any device, structure or shape they could imagine. Seems we’re almost there.

What else have I got for you today? Well, courtesy of Andoo, here’s the best Star TrekBrokeback Mountain parody I’ve yet seen:

Reminds me of this.

And just for completeness, check out this one: