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The Goddamn Batman – deonandia

The Goddamn Batman

I don’t know why. It just seemed appropriate.

First up today: check out Barack Obama’s random act of kindness. The man continues to impress.

From EK Hornbeck comes two interesting links. First up, our old friend Russel Smith tells us about outsourcing to India for…. grammar and writing services. Not too surprising, for a variety of reasons.

Next up, as EK puts it, “So much for the 11th commandmant — ‘thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow conservative…'” as he points us to this Washington Times article blaming Harper for Canada’s recent governmental crisis. If you don’t know, the Washington Times is a very right wing paper owned by the Moonies. Weird but true. Some key quotes from the editorial:

“Mr. Harper is now attempting to deflect blame for a crisis that he created…”

“If his government does not have the votes to carry out its initiatives, he should face the music in the House of Commons…”

“Mr. Harper’s decision to reopen old wounds in Canada’s already-fractured political landscape bespeaks an appalling lack of tact.”

Some more EK Hornbeck bits… (the man has been busy). First, news from Italy that Berlusconi plans to “regulate the Internet“. Aieeee! Regulation is bad enough. Regulation by an Italian president? Aieee!

Apparently Barack Obama’s African grandfather was tortured by British soldiers for his supposed association with the Mau Mau. One hopes that this familial history will give the incoming President a saner view of the complexities of guilt-by-association in the developing world context, and of the horrors of torture in particular.

Lastly, EK sends us this laughable little bit about the UK Foreign Office putting on a show about “human rights”. What they need is a visit from the Goddamn Batman.

Now, everyone has been sending me this article about the decline of the male animal. Yes, it’s true. Epidemiologically, there’s been an observation that biological “maleness” has been on the decline for some years now. It probably has to do with environmental contamination, too many hormones in our food, overuse of phytoestrogenic soy products and overuse of the female contraceptive pill, which releases female hormones into the water supply. And you wonder why I’m obsessed with my muscle mass? Muscle counteracts, to some extent, the environmental estrogenic effects.

And finally…. screw the Goddamn Batman. This is a real hero.