At Least It’s Not High In Cholesterol…. Oh Wait, It Is.

First off, from Dawn we get….

From Chamika comes news that the old 1960s Spiderman shows are now available free online. Speaking of Spidey, Nasty Nicky B sends us this.

Meanwhile, don’t get me started on this guy.

Special Ed sends us this list of the top 20 all time heroes of pop culture. James T Kirk only made #12. Bastards.

From Darth Vadum we get news that blow jobs can cause throat cancer. Or at least that’s my boil-down from the very vague article. The BBC article states that [men and women with newly diagnosed throat cancer] who had evidence of prior oral HPV infection had a 32-fold increased risk of throat cancer. Of course they didn’t specify whether we’re talking about fellatio or cunnilingus here, and that might make all the difference. To the article’s credit, they made no causal links, since this is an associative study. But still, causation is fun. And that’s what blogs are for.