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Fragrant Harbours and Gibbous Moons – deonandia

Fragrant Harbours and Gibbous Moons

Greetings from Toronto airport where I am lying on the floor (suffering all
the expected stares) and blogging on my Treo. Just got in from Jamaica and
am awaiting my flight to Ottawa.

Last night I miraculously found the presence of mind to look up from my
computer and wander out onto the balcony of my Kingston hotel room. It was
a spectacular night, with a nearly full moon presiding over the sparkling

At that moment I could feel the history of the place. This was where the
buccaneers from the golden era of piracy would come to plot and refuel.
How many battles between wooden sailing ships had this port seen? Columbus
himself ruled this island, before it became a gateway for slaves and trade.

The romance was undeniable.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. I’ll be on CHIN radio in Ottawa at 12:30 to
talk about Guyana. Then at 1:00 I’ll be at a public school in the Glebe to
talk about…. I don’t know what. Then at 4pm it’s off to the CBC studios
to record an interview about Twitter haikus! The latter should air on June
10th, I think, on the show “Sparks”.

Okay gonna stop now. My thumbs hurt.