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Fun With Google – deonandia

Fun With Google

Worshipping at the shrine of procrastination, I’ve turned to something new: typing banal opening phrases into the Google search box and seeing what the AI suggests.  Keep in mind that the suggestions are based on what others have been Googling.  So, let’s begin.  This first one was suggested by the Fail Blog:

Yep.  Jesus ponies.  Googling that will open up a whole new line of inquiry.  Here’s another:

That’s right.  Chinese people can be scary sometimes.  WTF?

This one was suggested by my old high school friend David R.  Just type in “why can” and see what it gives you:

I hae no words.

And here’s a final trial. Just type in “let’s”:

We should always toast the douche bags.  After all, they make the rest of us look so…. civil.

In Other News…

Today I fired a gun for the first time (at the Ottawa Gun Club).  Check out my crappy grouping: