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Rogan – deonandia


A week ago I had a post singing the praises of comedian and UFC commentator Joe Rogan.  Since then, as I’ve been up in the wee hours (as is my wont) working and in need of mindless entertainment, I’ve found Joe’s podcasts and various random Youtube clips to play in the background.   I’m pleased to report that Joe seems to see the world in much the same way that I do.  It’s a joy to hear his foul-mouthed exhortations on our modern social challenges.  Mind you, his actual comedy act is not quite my cup of tea. But some of the more conceptual things coming out of his mouth, whether it’s his opinions on pornography, the martial arts or conceptualizations of the ego, mirror very closely my own attitudes.

So it was a bit of a shock to discover that I and Joe Rogan were born a mere 24 hours apart.  Is there something to this astrology nonsense, after all?  Will I find resonance, as well, with the ideas of others born about the same time?  Two data points do not a trend make, but it’s a nice idea.

For a taste of why I find Rogan so entertaining, I direct you to this particular post from his blog: “Porno Party“.  As the name suggests, it’s meant for an adult audience.