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Weekly Twitter Tweets for 2010-11-01 – deonandia

Weekly Twitter Tweets for 2010-11-01

  • Finally watched UFC 121 and literally cried with joy when Cain pummelled Lesnar #fb #
  • It's snowing in Ottawa. Should I still be going out? Or is it a "stay in and eat falafel" night? #fb #
  • Just arrived in Ottawa in my flip flops… and am met with snow. sigh. #fb #
  • on air canada 464 to ottawa. anyone else here? you! i'm talking to you! #fb #
  • Customs guy caught me with too much rum, but let me off since my trip was "humanitarian". It pays to be a do-gooder! #fb #
  • Back in Canada and only have a couple of hours to put together an H'ween costume. Suggestions? #fb #
  • Entire empty airport terminal at 4:AM, and the smelly fat woman with the loud child have to come and sit RIGHT NEXT TO ME. #fb #
  • Last night I let the bed bugs bite. Why didn't someone tell me to do otherwise? Why?!! #fb #
  • Just saw a dead body on the beach. Just another day in Guyana. #fb #
  • Just saw a female dog with a scrotum. (No, not in her mouth). #fb #
  • A week of shlepping heavy bags through the jungle and I've GAINED weight? WTF? #fb #
  • To my global health students: I will take my intestinal worm meds live in Monday's class. Fun? Wow! #fb #
  • Off to do a call-in tv show in Guyana. Want to take bets on how i will embarass myself? #fb #
  • One of our doctors wrote a prescription for "reassurance". Glad I'm not the pharmacist. #fb #
  • Haven't seen myself in a mirror for days. I wonder if I'm a modicum less handsome. Nah, not possible #fb #
  • Only clean clothes I have are flip-flops and MC Hammer pants. Can't touch this, baby. #fb #
  • You haven't lived until you've been to a 3rd world prison accompanied by a white Miss Universe candidate #fb #
  • doing a clinic at Mazaruni prison. Weirdly, it ain't so bad #fb #
  • Emerged from the jungle to learn that Rob Ford is mayor of Toronto. Maybe I should go back to the jungle? #fb #
  • Back in Bartica — with weird jungle bites on my ankles #fb #