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Weekly Twitter Tweets for 2011-01-24 – deonandia

Weekly Twitter Tweets for 2011-01-24

  • It's freakin' freezing here! (@ VIA Rail Lounge – Toronto Union Station) http://4sq.com/hyz4Yr #
  • It's souvlakitastic! (@ Friendly Greek Restaurant) http://4sq.com/fw8wEQ #
  • I'm at Starbucks (604 Danforth Ave, DL, Toronto) http://4sq.com/hFDcZl #
  • :Twitter haiku 286 – "Medical artist / Drew stomach in Gaugin's style / Deemed far too 'ab'-stract" #fb #
  • Twelve more reference letters written, and email inbox down to a mere 77. And it's not even 3:AM yet! #fb #
  • The Holographic Principle tells me that it is likely that all of you are illusory, which is why I walk around naked. #fb #
  • Oh, Epsom Salts, take the pain away! #fb #
  • Finished 12 reference letters, completed tomorrow's lecture and got my inbox to a mere 100. And it's not even 2:AM! #fb #
  • Hmm. Seems that I too have been a victim of the unrequested switchover to the "new" Facebook profile #fb #
  • I'm at Catherine street Chiropractic http://4sq.com/hIIci4 #
  • How muc chilli and ibuprofen can one man ingest? #fb #
  • Lack of sleep is my drug of choice. #fb #
  • Monday lecture at 8:30AM. What am I talking about again? #fb #