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Weekly Twitter Tweets for 2011-07-18 – deonandia

Weekly Twitter Tweets for 2011-07-18

  • My Twitter account was *not* hacked, but clearly someone has found a way to post spam with my user name. #
  • (Tweet deleted because it was SPAM and not written by moi)
  • My secret weakness: Chinese red bean cakes #fb #
  • Just got introduced to someone’s mother as “the geek” #fb #
  • Gotta say, so far “Shark Tank” is even better than “Dragon’s Den” #fb #
  • Whoohoo! My D&D dice just arrived. Bring on the geekotry! #fb #
  • Free wi-fi near the National War Memorial: http://t.co/fzBiAEL #
  • Funny how often “working from home” means “working on the home” #fb #
  • Herbal iced tea? Is this where we are as a society? #fb #
  • Even the Dalai Lama has a Twitter feed. Now we’ll all know what his cat is doing and what songs he likes. #fb #
  • Just heard the words “Dakar fashion scene” and “must-have club sounds from Asia” on BBC: words we’d have never heard 3 decades ago. #fb #
  • I’m still on LinkedIn, but I don’t really know why. #fb #
  • Watching the idiots on the UK Apprentice argue that Columbus was British. And I thought OUR education system was bad. #fb #
  • Evening scooter ride by the canal, under the full moon. Ottawa sure is purdy in summertime. #fb #
  • Just met with someone who’d never heard of Bono! (I was totally jealous) #fb #
  • Invited to be the external examiner for a PhD defense… in French. Gotta think long and hard about this one. #fb #
  • I enjoy BBC reporters’ confrontational style. But sometimes they need to shut up and let the interviewee answer the frakking question #fb #
  • 3 blasts in #Mumbai at Dadar, Opera House and Zaveri Bazar. Map showing location http://t.co/tb0tzlX via @twitpic #
  • Early reports of bomb blasts in Mumbai. Still waiting on a real news report… #fb #
  • Busily moving all my old Google-Plus updates to Twitter (via Start-Plus) in order to keep a record of my brilliant banalities. #
  • I miss the ability to poke. (No, it’s not a middle age thing) http://t.co/PCto7dm #
  • Whoa. Add “Start+” extension to Chrome. It allows you to see and send Facebook, Gmail and Twitter co http://t.co/Df2VLhO #
  • Oooh. Try deleting a circle. Cool graphics as it rolls off the screen. http://t.co/5m4X4HW #
  • Whoa.  Add “Start+” extension to Chrome.  It allows you to see and send Facebook, Gmail and Twitter content directly from inside Google Pl #
  • For fans of Matt Smith’s Dr Who: http://bit.ly/qADprO #
  • “This defence is like a fart in a blizzard. It’s all over the place!” #fb #
  • Just learned that “Uncle Remus” was actually a white guy named Joel. http://bit.ly/nPeMNY #fb #
  • If I have 803 friends, how come I have no social life? #fb #
  • My open browser tabs: Gmail, GCal, G-Plus, G-Voice, G-Docs. And I have an Android phone. Google officially owns my ass. #fb #
  • I’m still able and sort-of willing to send Google Plus invitations. If you want one, leave your email address in the comments. #fb #
  • G+ is slowly winning me over… but I prefer the Facebook colour scheme #fb #