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Hunger and Food Security


On Oct 22, there was a shooting in the Parliament of Canada.  As a result, the University of Ottawa was in “lockdown” and all classes were cancelled. Unfortunately,  four students and I still showed up. So I gave those four the lecture on “Hunger and Food Security”, recording the audio so I could stream it here.  So if you need the slides to follow along, you can find a PDF of them here.


A Shooting In Ottawa

Yesterday, a gunman murdered an unarmed soldier guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Ottawa, then proceeded to shoot up Parliament itself before being killed by one of the Parliamentary constables. The city was in crisis, and parts of it –including the University of Ottawa– were in lockdown. I had just stepped off a plane, but took the time to record some observations from downtown, as I live a a few blocks from where the events had occurred. In this episode, I observe the tone of the city and the university campus during the lockdown. Continue reading


Dispatches From Istanbul


It was more than a year ago that my old friend Adam and I went to Istanbul, Turkey.  While there, I recorded several very brief audio commentaries about the wonderful things I was seeing and experiencing.  It has taken me this long to string those commentaries into an actual produced podcast.  And here it is. Continue reading


This Week In Global Health


On Oct 13, 2014, I was interviewed via Google Hangout by my former student, Caity Jackson, who is now at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. The interview was for the YouTube show, “This Week In Global Health with Dr Greg Martin.” They have kindly permitted me to stream the audio here.

There were three separate interviews conducted, which I have combined into one.  Topics covered were: global health ethics, finding a job in global health, and the future of global health.

P.S. You can also watch the raw video files from the interviews here, here, and here.  But do visit the main TWiGH page, as well!