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Health and Climate Change

One of my students couldn’t attend today’s lecture on health and climate change, so she asked me to podcast it for her!  So, why not? Slides are available here.

This episode also streams from Youtube:


Values in Science


I was invited to an event sponsored by the Canadian Association of Research in Regenerative Medicine and asked to give a brief talk on the topic of my choice. I chose one of my favourite subjects, the philosophy of science. Specifically, I spoke about how personal values become incorporated into scientific work, reflecting the groundbreaking position famously held by Michael Polanyi.  My slides are here.



Hunger and Food Security


On Oct 22, there was a shooting in the Parliament of Canada.  As a result, the University of Ottawa was in “lockdown” and all classes were cancelled. Unfortunately,  four students and I still showed up. So I gave those four the lecture on “Hunger and Food Security”, recording the audio so I could stream it here.  So if you need the slides to follow along, you can find a PDF of them here.