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Pimpin’ on the Catwalk

The year, I think, was 1992. I had just returned from a lengthy and life-changing backpacking trip through Asia. I was also broke.

Bored, I started accompanying a friend to various interviews with talent agents in downtown Toronto. Each one she met also expressed an interest in representing me, since I guess there was a new taste for “ethnic looking” young men. Continue reading Pimpin’ on the Catwalk

Obstetric Care in Tanzania


Sep 9, 2016 — Dr Deonandan’s 4th year International Health students from 2015, Kristina Baier and Tujuanna Austin present this episode on the globality of maternal mortality.  (Yes, globality is a word. I looked it up.) They discuss a paper called, “Maternal mortality and distance to facility-based obstetric care in rural southern Tanzania: a secondary analysis of cross-sectional census data in 226 000 households.” And no, they don’t really have a radio show. At least not yet.