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Faut Que J’Moove

There is a world famous epidemiologist named David Moher, who used to be my boss 16 years ago when I first moved to Ottawa.  Here I am taking liberties with his personage:

Exploring the “cliffs” of Moher

How is this relevant to today’s post? Well I will tell you, my droogies. Yesterday I undertook a day-long trip from Galway to the Aran Islands, culminating in stroll atop the Cliffs of Moher. Get it? Moher? Continue reading Faut Que J’Moove

52, You Goat Puckers

Aug 11, 2019

Greetings from onboard a shuttle bus taking me back to Killarney from Killorglan. No those aren’t Klingon swear words, but ancient towns in Western Ireland. I’ve just spent the day experiencing the 400 year old “Puck Fair”, which is a quaint rural tradition wherein a male mountain goat is abducted from his perch and crowned King Puck for the 3-day duration of the fair. Continue reading 52, You Goat Puckers

I Don’t Know Many Arseholes But I Don’t Want to Insult the Ones I Know

My second full day in Ireland. I am once more seated in a Caffe Nero (my preferred coffee chain here, due mostly to their excellent pastries and wifi speed). I have relocated from the KeyCollections hotel in Rathgar (how cool of a name is Rathgar?) to a residence room on a local college campus. (It’s very comfortable, by the way.)

The highlight of today was another visit to Trinity College Dublin, an ancient university founded during the reign of Elizabeth I (1592). I did the tourist thing and paid to see the Book of Kells. If you’re a lover of history, religions, and books, as I am, then this is a must-do. Continue reading I Don’t Know Many Arseholes But I Don’t Want to Insult the Ones I Know