Cheater? Moi?

It seems AC has caught me in a possible fabrication. MY Feb 26th post below, titled “Brunch In Manhattan” was indeed written on my Treo on that date in the Barking Dog cafe in Manhattan. But for some reason my PDA was unable to upload it or its accompanying photo… until this morning, when I fiddled with the upload settings and managed to get both posted. My clever blogging software inserted the post where it chronologically belonged, though you will note that my subsequent post states, “Clearly my attempts to upload photos …have failed,” which is probably what tipped off AC to potential shenaningans. I ask you, Dear Reader, does this count as cheating? Has my mobile blogging experiment failed?

I will admit to some post-mobile tinkering, though. I went back this morning and edited all my mobile posts to move the titles into the appropiate title field, allowing them to appear in attractive green; hblogger does not yet allow me to do that on the PDA.

Man, am I tired. While in New York, I got a message from the Toronto Star asking me to write an article about the avian flu. I got home last night at 9pm and was up until 5:AM finishing it. And I still make it into work by 9:AM!! I’m not sure if what I wrote actually makes sense, so you decide.

Do My Dogs Ever Hurt

This experiment in live mobile blogging continues. I’m still in Manhattan, though am hunkered in Grans Central Terminal resting my abused feet. Too much walking today.

At lunch today I met a talent agent who represents local news personalities from Ottawa! Also met his lovely British escort who, surprise surprise, was taken with my juvenile spoon tricks. At the same time I met a local musician and his wife who kept feeding me pancakes.

My friend, a local, commented that she had never known strangers to converse so much in a New York restaurant. “Welcome to my world,” I told her. Nothing brings people together like childish spoon tricks.

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The Gates

Got some minutes to kill here. Clearly my attempts to upload photos directly from my Treo to this blog have failed and I have no idea what chaos my attempts have thus far wrought.

I’m sitting on a bench on Central Park West waiting for John and Jennifer to come back from some snooty art gallery. Kind of nippy here, but not the arctic frost of Ottawa. I just walked through the park and saw the Gates — confounded by thousands of annoying tourists. Still, it’s a pretty scene and, given the price, it’s a wonderful exhibit. Later.

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Brunch In Manhattan

Greetings, my droogies. Time to test out my mobile blogging software’s image upload facility. if this works, you will see below a photo of me having brunch in the Barking Dog luncheonette on 77th street. If it doesn’t work, use your imagination…

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