Creepy Sounds

Wanna hear something weird? This is the otherworldly sound of the Huygens probe falling through the atmosphere of Titan, as “heard” by the Casini spacecraft overhead. (Unlike most of my links, this one is actually work safe.)


The Poor Kind of Doctor

Yahoo! Finance has an article on the top 25 careers in the world, based on job growth, salary potential, education level, and room for innovation. Guess what #8 was? Epidemiologist! That’s right, we beat out athletes and actors!

Mind you, the article did make it a point to mention that despite the coolness factor of our jobs, we Epidemiologists make bupkiss. That’s why when people ask me what I do, I sometimes answer, “I’m the poor kind of doctor that can’t save your life.”

Damn Evil Editors

You know every day I get onto this thing fully intending on producing one of the political diatribes so common in last year’s blog. But then I lose the desire and end up talking about TV shows. So why fight it?

Judging from the comments from my last post, a lot of people watched the finale of The Amazing Race 6. People I met on the bus wanted to talk about it. People at work want to talk about it. My chiropractor brought it up while snapping my neck. Concensus: the winners, Freddy and Kendra, are a couple of embarassing racist schmucks, and Jon and Kris should have won. Not surprisingly, Kendra is now claiming that her comments about Africa –that it is “wretched and disgusting… [Africans] just keep breeding and breeding in this poverty. I just can’t take it.”– were taken “out of context” by those evil editors at CBS.

Exactly what context would make those statements not ignorant?

What the Race needs is non-American competitors. Let Canadians and Australians show ignorant they are for a change. Until the start of the show’s 7th installment, my plan is to cancel my cable (I said plan not intent) and only download my favourite shows, especially MGM’s Stargate-SG1 and Stargate: Atlantis. Sure it’s probably illegal, but how’s MGM gonna find out? That is, um, unless they read this blog.

Separated At Birth, part 1

(For part 2, click here)

I’m seeing twins everywhere. Ever notice how much Cynthia Nixon (Miranda from Sex And The City) looks like Cone McCaslin from Sum-41?

Sex in the City alumna, Cynthia Nixon

Sum 41 member, Cone McCaslin

And what about denogginized journalist Daniel Pearl and idiot comedian Tim Allen? Eerie.

Murdered journalist, Daniel Pearl

Comedian, Tim Allen

So The Amazing Race 6 ended this evening. Sadly my favourite team of Jon and Kris did not win, due to a lazy moment at the airline ticketing counter, and the annoying, ignorant near-racist team of Freddy and Kendra took home the million dollars. I take small consolation in knowing that that idiot Hayden finally had the hissy meltdown that had been building for weeks and was unable to finish the penultimate leg of the race. Why her fool boyfriend proposed to her I’ll never know. What does all this mean, you ask? Simple: I have no life.

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