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Taking A Break From Doing My Taxes…

Apparently frogs are exploding in Germany. Seems the old Franco-Prussian hostilities never ceased.

I love Denny’s, that wonderful American one-stop-centre for all things cheap, breakfasty and greasy. But there’s growing evidence for some deep-seeded racist activities at several outlets of this chain. Oh what is a frugal yet socially conscious bruncher to do?

Now why didn’t I think of this? A tamper proof drinking glass!

Good Ol’ Nojjy Boy sends us this story about how one can soon pay to have one’s genetic heritage tracked back tens of thousands of years! How better to explain one’s unusual affinity for chimpish behaviour?

Self promotion alert:

In celebration of Asian Heritage Month, please join us for an evening of readings and discussion from seven celebrated Ottawa area poets and authors of Asian descent. Presenters include:

Cyril Dabydeen
Raywat Deonandan
Asoka Weerasinghe
Bing He
Betty Warrington-Kearsley
Veena Gokhale
Shakir Sheikh

Date: Tuesday May 17th, 2005
Time: 6-9pm
Place: Ottawa Public Library, Main Auditorium, 120 Metcalfe St.

Books will be available for purchase from Octopus Books and refreshments will be served.

Countdown to Uganda

As the great Schiavo debate continues below, I just wanted to share with everyone a new review of my last book, this time in University of Toronto Quarterly. Let’s just say it wasn’t too flattering.

Meanwhile, I’ve managed to get almost all of my pending tasks completed! Yayyy! That means I can ship off to Europe this weekend for a few days of ostentatious tourism, followed by a lengthy flight to Uganda, whereupon I and two good buddies, Sean and Andrew, will trek through the jungle in search of the elusive and rare mountain gorilla, at which point we will feast upon its endangered flesh and claim its hide as our trophy, after engaging in some Abu Ghraib-style recreation, monkey-stylee.

Seriously, we are indeed trekking for gorillas in the Ugandan jungle. After paying our enormous permit, the government will provide us with a guide, a graduate student who records the gorillas’ doings (and possibly our doings –who knows what he is a student of?) and an armed guard. I ain’t kidding myself, though: if there’s any kind of trouble, I fully expect the guard to shoot one of us before he shoots the gorilla. The gorilla is way more valuable.

Don’t Forget….

…Those of you living in Ottawa, come out to see me tonight at the Public Library at 120 Metcalfe, 7:30pm. They’re not letting me bring any booze, so come already having imbibed.

Also, local groups are putting together a special evening of Asian literature on May 17 in Ottawa, in celebration of Asian Heritage Month. Mark yuor calendars now!

Curry and Yoga… Is There A Connection?

Ahhhh. Back in my hovel in Ottawa getting fat on all the curry my dear mother sent home with me. Truly the sweet life.

A great thanks to Ann H. whose book club invited me to discuss my novel, Divine Elemental. It was my first experience discussing any of my works in someone’s home with a bunch of strangers. Quite surreal, I must say, but overall a positive experience. As the club members expressed to me that much of the book is challenging, I’m finally starting to accept that my writing style is perhaps too esoteric to ever make me rich; but so long as it gets me dates, I’m happy. Here’s a photo (taken on my trusty Treo 600 smartphone) of the book club meeting:

Meanwhile our tsunami relief group is set to send its first mission to Sri Lanka this coming weekend. We’ve raised about $30,000, all of which is being spent on acquiring medical supplies which are being transported to suffering areas of the Eastern Province. But this is not the end of the escapade. We need more money to expand the project to include grief counselling and educational programmes.

This coming Sunday (Jan 30th) the Santosh Yoga Centre (205 Catherine Street, Ottawa) will hold a “Tsunami Relief Yoga Class” from 2-4pm. It costs $15 to get in; but, hey, it’s good for you.