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Newsflash: Brown Guy Talks About Bioterrorism

Greetings from Tampa, Florida, my droogs, where I am attending the conference of the Society for Applied Anthropology. Yesterday I was in Gainesville, giving a talk on “bioterrorism” for the political science class of Deonandia regular I., who teaches for the University of Florida. Below is a picture of the class, including a distracted doofus in the front. They were a genuine joy to visit.

Off to Miami in a few hours…

Everest, Ho!

My retired grade 9 English teacher Harold Lass has successfully trekked to the Mt Everest base camp. On the left is a pic of him dwarfed by the rocky Himalayan gods. Harold has placed other photos of his trek online here. Apparently, he even had an encounter, though at a distance, with one of my boyhood heroes, Sir Edmund Hilary!

Dave sends us this site filled with cool advertising images.

Darth Vadum sends us this uber geeky video.

And have I mentioned how much I’m enjoying the new Dr. Who series? David Tennant is proving to be a charmingg and energetic Doctor. Even the scripts are better than those of the Eccleston years, largely due, I think, to the fact that one man (the producer, Russell T Davies) isn’t writing all of them.

More On Freedom of Speech


“If you cannot condemn the flagrant abuses of Palestinians by the Israeli government, then you are undoubtedly a bigot, the worst kind of racist pig who believes that Palestinians are some kind of subspecies of the human race. If you do condemn in your heart these terrible abuses, but are afraid to speak out about them, then you are a damned coward.” – Charley Reese

If you’re like me and spend way too much time surfing random websites, you’ve no doubt come across the occasional apartment ad offering decent accommodation for remarkably affordable prices… and a bit of obligatory sexual action. This article discusses this trend. Now, I can certainly see the logic in making illegal the selection of tenants based on ethnicity or religion, as this tends to create ghettos. Selection by gender is reasonable since many people prefer a roommate of a certain sex or orientation for obvious reasons. And selection by behaviour is not unreasonable, because if you’re an orthodox Jew or Muslim, for example, you don’t want to live with a pork eater!


General Amnesty, Corporal Punishment, Private Parts

It’s a funny thing having a blog, especially a political one. Lots of people seem to think it’s an ego thing, that one somehow gets one’s jollies by sharing one’s opinions with the world. But the truth of the matter is that for every shared opinion, there are a hundred opposing ones, most of them confrontational and belittling. So this is clearly not the best medium for shoring up one’s ego. No, I think most bloggers do it to help refine their positions on matters. When the debate is civilized, it goes well. When it isn’t, it goes poorly indeed.

The problem is that no one can agree on what “civilized” means.


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