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The Lesser, the Fewer

In my ongoing series on grammar nazism, today’s post is about when to use “fewer” and when to use “more.”  As I write this, I’m listening to a podcast about cryptocurrencies. The host just announced that there are now “less coins available for purchase,” and my spleen –which is weirdly connected to the grammar portion of my forebrain– immediately sprung a painful leak. Continue reading The Lesser, the Fewer

To Bitch Or Not To Bitch

I travel a lot. When I arrive at a new place, I usually send a tweet announcing my arrival, and that tweet often uses a particular word that can be divisive:


That word, of course, is “bitch.” Despite accusations to the contrary, I do not use that word without deep consideration of whether its potential offensiveness outweighs its usefulness in conveying just the right tone and vernacular meaning. Continue reading To Bitch Or Not To Bitch