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To Bitch Or Not To Bitch

I travel a lot. When I arrive at a new place, I usually send a tweet announcing my arrival, and that tweet often uses a particular word that can be divisive:


That word, of course, is “bitch.” Despite accusations to the contrary, I do not use that word without deep consideration of whether its potential offensiveness outweighs its usefulness in conveying just the right tone and vernacular meaning. (more…)

New Orleans


Free refills on Bloody Marys. Seriously.

I have a long tradition of blogging during my travels, and I travel a lot.  I made a conscious decision some years ago to take fewer photos and to write more.  Let me tell you, it was one of the wisest moves of my life. (more…)

Etymology From The Epidemiologist


Yes, I am procrastinating once more.  I am fond of saying that I am a professional crastinator, which would be funny if (a) there existed such  a thing as a crastinator, and (b) as a professional, I were actually paid for such a thing. (more…)

Last Hours of 2010

Greetings from Toronto’s Billy Bishop airport. I’m writing this post on my latest toy, a T-mobile G2 (also called an HTC Desire), using Android’s WordPress app.  The keyboard is driving me nuts. But given the hefty investment I made in this beast, I guess I’d better start getting used to it.

Tomorrow I’ll post my traditional new years blog post. (And there’s already a retrospective over at Skiffy.ca.)  But today you get complaining.  As I’ve already tweeted, one of my newer grammar peeves is misuse of the word “momentarily”. It means “lasting but a moment”; however most people use it to mean “in a moment.”

So the announcement I just heard, that my flight will be boarding “momentarily” actually means that passengers will only have a brief instant to rush onto the plane.

In the past I’ve both sung the praises and cursed Porter Airlines.  Today I will do the latter.  Forget the fact security checked everyone’s boarding pass three times over a 3 minute period, the following exchange may shed some light on my frustration:

Me: Hi I’m on the 9:00 flight to Ottawa, one bag to check.
Porter employee: where are you going?
Me: Uh…. Ottawa.
Porter employee: what time is your flight?
Me (sighing): 9:00
Porter employee: And will you be checking any bags?
Me (now visibly pissed): one.

And there you have it.  Time for my free booze.

Update: Okay, they won me over again with excellent in-flight service.

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