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Unequal Cultures and Social Darwinism

Over on the right-wing blog of Darth Vadum is the predictable post about how different cultures are not equal. That’s a sly way of saying that some cultures are superior to others, and an even more sly way of implying that Western culture is superior to all others. It’s an idea finding traction among the hardcore neo-con set, such as David Frum, VD Hansen and Jonah Goldberg. As mentioned in this space before, part of the neo-con agenda is to foment a war of civilizations, pitting the “enlightened” and “freedom loving” West against…. well, against everyone else, but in the short term against the so-called Islamic world.

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Act Of War?

Oh, where to begin? As reported here and discussed here, Karl Rove –“Bush’s brain” and the most evil man in the so-called Free World– was the bloated turd who leaked the identity of CIA operative Valerie Plame to “douchebag for freedom” (in John Stewart’s words) Robert Novak. The disclosure of the identity of an undercover agent is, I am told, more than a felony under US law; it’s high treason. In a country in which speaking out against the war is considered treachery and where burning a flag is likely to get you lynched, I wonder how the wingnuts in the White House will react to Rove’s admission that he has committed serious treason during war-time. I know exactly what will happen: absolutely nothing. Because US Right Wing, thine name is hypocrisy. Note that the only person yet to go to jail for this scandal is reporter Judy Miller, because she refused to name her source; she, apparently, was the only one capable of keeping a secret.

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