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It’s Not a Party Until Someone Brings The Iron Crotch

(Note: Before reading this post, please consult the very serious disclaimer.)

“The 10th anniversary this week of the Dayton Accords that ended the genocidal war in Bosnia, and the 1999 rescue of Kosovo’s Albanians from genocide, must remind everyone — especially the Muslim world — that the U.S. used to be a champion of human rights rather than what it has today become, one of the world’s major offenders.” –Eric Margolis

The article cited above is a neat summary of the good things the US has done for the Muslim world. This in no way mitigates the crap they are pulling now. Rather, it accentuates how far from grace our neighbours to the south have fallen. And now the news…

A man pulls a truck with his iron crotch. Yes, you read that right.

Happy birthday to the late Bruce Lee, one of my childhood role models (hence my funny accent). He would have been 65 yesterday.

Perv link of the day: the Australian bunny molester’s story gets weirder and weirder.

Interesting quasi-perv link which might have strong political implications: a study unsurprisingly shows what most unbiased people have known forever, that men who are sexually aroused make bad decisions. Specifically, “erotic stimulation increases a young man’s propensity to engage in uncharacteristic sexual acts or crimes of passion.” Nothing too shocking there, right? Except the obvious implication of this study is the following: “arousal should be given more credit as a mitigating factor — although not a justification — of the immoral, exploitative behaviours of sex offenders.” Thoughts?

From Nepal comes this story of a young boy, who some claim is a reincarnation of the Buddha himself, who has supposedly persisted in meditation for six months, without food or water. Reminds me of reports of the girl with x-ray vision. Whatever happened to her?

Watch a video of ex-President Jimmy Carter telling it like it is.

Then watch this video of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog interviewing some foolish Republican backbenchers on the topic of global warming. What did these morons expect? That a comedic dog puppet would make them look good?

And it seems the story of Bush trying to wipe out the civilian headquaters of the Al-Jazeera news organization refuses to die, thankfully. Here’s a summary of Bush’s alleged on-going campaign against AJ.

You know, today I intended to write about two-tiered medicine. Then I lost interest. Maybe tomorrow.


Bureaucracy? I’ll Show You Bureaucracy

If you haven’t already done so, please take the survey.

Below is an actual photo of George W. Bush writing a note to Condoleeza Rice at a recent conference. Not photoshopped, courtesy of Reuters:


When you gotta go, you gotta go. (more…)

Unequal Cultures and Social Darwinism

Over on the right-wing blog of Darth Vadum is the predictable post about how different cultures are not equal. That’s a sly way of saying that some cultures are superior to others, and an even more sly way of implying that Western culture is superior to all others. It’s an idea finding traction among the hardcore neo-con set, such as David Frum, VD Hansen and Jonah Goldberg. As mentioned in this space before, part of the neo-con agenda is to foment a war of civilizations, pitting the “enlightened” and “freedom loving” West against…. well, against everyone else, but in the short term against the so-called Islamic world.


Fundamentalism Is Overstated

My friend and political polar opposite (hey, it happens) Darth Vadum posed an interesting question on his blog the other day: “Is it Islamic ‘extremism’ — or is it Islam itself?” Much of my thoughts below are informed by his post and by that of a blogger he linked to.


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