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Etymology from the Epidemiologist, part 3

As you may know, I’m a word nerd. As such, I enjoy discovering the origins of common phrases. Hence my regular feature on this blog about the etymology of English word and phrases. Do visit part 1 and part 2 of this series. Now let’s begin with this installment: (more…)

Etymology From The Epidemiologist, part 2


Today’s post is about language, specifically the historical origins of certain phrases, like a follow-up to this post. But first, a quick note about a TV show… (more…)

Etymology From The Epidemiologist


Yes, I am procrastinating once more.  I am fond of saying that I am a professional crastinator, which would be funny if (a) there existed such  a thing as a crastinator, and (b) as a professional, I were actually paid for such a thing. (more…)

2013’s Scientific Breakthroughs

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