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Maybe We Don’t Have An Overpopulation Problem

This is an expanded version of an article titled, “The World Isn’t Facing An Overpopulation Problem”, published in The Huffington Post on April 28, 2017.

What is the greatest threat to our civilization? If you were to ask a cross section of people in your life, you’d likely get an array of responses: terrorism, climate change, corporate greed, anti-intellectualism… the list goes on. (more…)

Gujarat Put The Modi in Immodium

I started writing this post on June 11, 2015, and didn’t finish until Jan 3, 2016, because…. well, no reason. Just because.

Well here I am pulling shitty splinters from various parts of my body and layering antibiotic gel on the affected skin.  Fun, right? (more…)

Globalization and the Indian Middle Class

#1 Amazon Bestseller…. Again!

amazon rank

A lot of people deride the practice of self publishing.  But, as I noted a year ago, henceforth I would try to self-publish most of my new non-fiction volumes. (more…)

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