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Daily Funnies

Am busy cleaning my apartment, so I don’t have time for you people right now. You get three things today:

1. Thanks

Thanks to Dr Qais Ghanem for inviting me and a friend back on to CHIN radio Friday to talk about Guyana. I’ll link to the MP3 as soon as I have it.

Thanks to the CBC’s Andreanne Baribeau and Nora Young for having me on the radio show “Spark” yesterday to talk about Twitter haikus. The show will be broadcast on the 10th, I believe.

Thanks to the Muchmor public school in the Glebe, where I was invited to speak to a class of 9 year olds. A special thanks to the little girl who proposed building a giant yoyo filled with mail, that we could drop from a helicopter to deliver mail to remote people; and to the little boy who insisted on giving me a minute, blow-by-blow recap of Jurassic Park 2.

2. Angels and Demons

I hate Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. I’m sure the plot was okay, but it was so poorly written that I felt myself getting dumber with every page. I had to stop after the first chapter lest I be rendered into a retarded lemur…. or, worse yet, a Republican.

So I went to see the movie version of Angels and Demons with trepidation. The first half hour was head-slappingly retarded, with dialogue that was likely written by George Lucas. The nex hour or so was surprisingly good, with excellent direction. Then the ending was more chimp-level cliched nonsense. Why do bother?

3. Daily funnies:

You’re Fired!….Guv’nor.

Cousin Ajay sends us this. Is funny:

Cousin Ajay also sends us this, with the comment that he fears it might turn kids retarded:

Cousin Ajay is on a roll. (It’s a figure of speech; he’s not actually riding bread.) He also sends us Helen Keller’s twitter feed. Go look.

Special Ed sends us Captain Kirk’s Best and Worst Moments. (Yes, it’s the real Kirk, not this new poser.) The list is missing the bit where Kirk has nasty Captain sex with the hyperfast accelerated woman who can kill him with a scratch, yet somehow manages to avoid any and all abrasions. That’s skill.

Special thanks to Dr Qais Ghanem for hosting myself and Dr Robert Huish on Dr Ghanem’s radio show last Friday. Hopefully the MP3 of the interview will be posted very soon.

A further thanks to the organizers of the CSEB student conference this weekend for inviting me to be a judge in theit epidemiology poster competition. Ironically, this weekend I also judged a literary contest with co-judge Shanthi Sekaran. Shanthi’s new book is getting a lot of attention; I can’t wait to read it.

What am I doing now? Procrastinating. How? By watching the UK version of The Apprentice. Man, I love this show! Well, I love most things British. It’s so delicious watching Brits argue. Their turns of phrases sound so cute and alien to me that it’s impossible for me to get too emotional about it, only highly entertained. And I love that their equivalent of Donald Trump, Sir Alan Sugar, is an enormous prick who doesn’t take shit from anyone, and whose firing decisions appear to be both consistent and justified! What a change!

Okay, back to TV…

Until I Have Time For a REAL Post…

Check it out…

An sign of intelligence from space? Now if only we could find a sign of intelligence here on Earth. (BOW! HELLO! TRY THE VEAL, I’M HERE ALL WEEK!)

(Video of alien intelligence here.)

The BBC apparently stands for “British Broadcasting for Christ” because it’s received 115 complaint emails since announcing its new Head of Religion is a Muslim.

Um… why does the BBC need a “Head of Religion”?

I’m sure many of you have seen this:

Well, it’s a lie!!!

So revel in your pervishness, my droogies.

Remember my review of the new Star Trek movie? Recall that it’s a JJ Abrams project, much like two of my favourite TV shows: Lost and Fringe. Well, I just finished watchin the season finales for both shows…

…Wow! Now that’s writing! HOWEVER… JJ is showing his unmentionables. All three products –Fringe, Lost and Trek– rely heavily on either time travel or alternate realities. I’m a little sick of this science fiction crutch. Suddenly I’m not too optimistic about the continuing resolution of either of the TV shows. I’ll let you know.

I’ll leave you with some Facebook goodies. First up is my new profile pic, the Hasselwat:

And lastly, here’s the profile pic of my friend Sara F. Looks like he’s been out all night drinking, no?

Real Women

I regularly Google random words and phrases. Don’t ask why. Just assume it’s part of my charming quirkiness. Well, today I Googled “real women”, then clicked on “images”. One of the earliest hits was this. (If the link is broken, you’re in luck, ’cause I also saved it here.)

Please only click the link if you’re fully emotionally and spiritually prepared. Afterward, you may need this.

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