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Random Stuff In The Wee Hours

Check it out: one of my books is being sold on Ebay!

Here’s a story about how the majority of condoms in India are being made into saris!

Click here to see George W. Bush rap about the draft.

Meanwhile, we sink deepere into the looking glass, as a US general admits he approved “extreme interrogation techniques” in Iraq, yet no one seems to care.

And for all of you who love science and its role as the foundation of our civilization, this op-ed from Scientific American is required reading.

Neil H. sends us this article about free speech being muzzled in Canada, and Linda G-F sends us this cartoon from The New Yorker:

And with that, I’m off to bed. Still severely jet-lagged, you see.


Let me say it again: man, am I tired.

Last night I was fortunate to attend a networking dinner with the federal Minister of Health Ujjal Dosanjh. Here’s a blurry photo of him, taken on my Treo. (He’s the brown dude on the left.)

I didn’t get a chance to say much more than hello to him, but he seemed like a nice fellow. As a PhD working in the medical field, it was a joy to be in the company of a Health Minister who is not an MD. In fact, it was nice generally to be in the company of South Asians who weren’t all doctors for a change!

Speaking of working in the medical field, today I received yet another invitation to appear on television to discuss avian flu. This time it was from the Discovery Channel. I jumped at the chance to say yes, since I have nothing but respect for Discovery’s programming and scientific ethic. However, I will be in Paris on their taping date, so it is not to be. Alas.

I did, however, receive some other good PR news today. It turns out that an interview I did last year was published in the November 2004 issue of Books In Canada. Sweet! Can’t wait to see a copy.

And speaking of my other career, you will note from my News & Appearances page that my book signing at the Ottawa Public Library has been moved from March 10 to March 24. So mark your calendars, kids!

Looking Glass Logic

“[The 9/11 terrorists] are against, to offer just a brief list, freedom of speech, a multi-party political system, universal adult suffrage, accountable government, Jews, homosexuals, women’s rights, pluralism, secularism, short skirts, dancing, beardlessness, evolution theory, sex.” Salman Rushdie

Interestingly, if you take away the dancing and the beardlessness, you also have the things that fundamentalist Evangelical Christians appear to be against, too.

My latest thing is trying to play the sitar . I’m taking lessons with the Sitar School of Toronto. Here’s a pic taken in class:

While I can barely play the scales yet, our school is nonetheless having a performance in Ottawa on March 5: 610 Cumberland (at Laurier), Perez Building, Frieman Hall, $15 for adults and $10 for students.Here’s an interesting idea: online volunteering.

Rarely have I found myself agreeing with Pat Buchanan on anything, yet we find resonance on Iraq.

Here’s another analysis of the Bushies exporting torture. So when does this regime get prosecuted for war crimes, hmmm? On a similar note, Eric Margolis discusses the new Pentagon spy system here.

And surprise, surprise, US government scienists are now reporting that they have been pressued to suppress data that might suggest a link between industry and environmental degradation. The assault on the intellect continues.

The brilliance of these people is that they are so beyond ridiculous, that no one is surprised anymore by their looking glass logic, hypocrisy or corruption, and so it no longer makes the news.

You Know, Stuff

Got some random stuff for you:

  • Where to start? Well for you fans of hiphop and big boobs, visit the Lindsay Lohan Freestyle site.
  • It seems has once again published one of my articles without informing me. This one appeared on Jan 19th.
  • For you fans of mindbending images, check out this recursive video.
  • Here’s a position I support: instead of giving Presidential medals to the likes of George Tenet and Paul Bremer, give it to Scott Ritter, the weapons inspector who was ridiculed before the invasion when he insisted that Iraq had no WMDs.
  • I wish I’d thought of this: sell advertising space on your forehead. Goodbye student loans! (Thanks to Nojjy Boy for the link.)
  • For those who keep asking me what language they speak in Guyana, the answer is English. But it’s not quite so simple. This site lists all the dialects spoken in the land of my birth.
  • It’s still the beginning of the year, so here are some predictions. Seymour Hersh and Eric Margolis predict all sorts of shenanigans during the Bush/Cheney sequel.
  • Just ’cause I love you all, turn up your speakers and click here.

And of course the mandatory tsunami relief updates:

  • Our relief agency is sending our first team mission to Sri Lanka this weekend. My beloved ex is among them, so let’s all hope they remain safe and healthy.
  • If you live in Ottawa, come out to our tsunami relief yoga class! Sunday Jan 30th at the Santosha Yoga Centre (205 Catherine St), 2-4pm, $15 minimum donation. You might have heard me on CHUO radio yesterday plugging the event.
  • If you live in Toronto, the excellent photographer Richard von Erlac is holding a benefit photo show, Before The Deluge, at dB Audio (181 Carlaw Ave, Suite 225) on Friday Jan 28th, 4-9pm, $10.