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We Shall Name Him Sprock

(I stole that off the Internet. Can’t take credit.)

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Who Looks Like Who(m)?

My latest Separated at Birth is a tribute to two things the Blonde One was entertained by: The Office and UFC 229. Continue reading We Shall Name Him Sprock

Zina Bash Has Tourettes Of the Hands

But She Has A Good Name For a Flash Gordon Villain

Trumpette and Stephen Miller disciple Zina Bash made Twitter news when she was seen sitting behind supreme court hopeful Brett Kavanaugh, awkwardly contorting her right hand into a symbol that most media aware people recognize as the new White Power symbol (three fingers forming a “W” while the thumb and forefinger form an “OK”, i.e. “it’s OK to be White”): Continue reading Zina Bash Has Tourettes Of the Hands