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Welcome to the year of Zardoz, my droogies.  Yes, that epic Sean Connery flick was set in 2023. I’m sad that Connery didn’t get to see its reality. I’m further sad that his sartorial prediction has not yet come to pass:


Mind you, as I continue to work from home, there’s no reason that I can’t make this my new official office attire.


Getting Free Voicemail

Confession: I’m writing this post only so I can have a record of this information when I need it.

Here’s the thing: I’m a cheap bastard. I don’t like paying for services when I know there’s a free workaround. One such service is voicemail on my cell phone plan. Yeah, I can afford the couple of bucks per month. But why do it when I don’t need to?

Here’s my solution for free voicemail. All you need is two things: (1) a free virtual phone number, and (2) forwarding services on your cell phone, usually provided by your carrier at no cost. (more…)

Free At Last!

My latest one-month Facebook ban expires today. Woot! Trying to celebrate by paying mocking homage (mockage?) to our new Twitter overlord, and maybe getting banned there, as well:

So, what was I banned for this time?  Well, this post… (more…)

We Are Not Defined By Our Endings

I’ve found myself in “Facebook jail” a fair bit recently. Most recently because I suggested that someone who had minimized the experiences of a victim of child rape should be given an aggressive wedgie. Yes, literally a wedgie:

I do like that Facebook keeps a running log of all my transgressions: (more…)

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