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This website is now 29 years old. It’s older than most of my students. It’s older than the Lisbon Treaty and almost as old as the Maastricht Treaty. It’s definitely older than most pop stars, beauty queens, and social media influencers. But it’s never quite as old as me. (more…)

Grief Check-in

Today was the one year anniversary of the death of a certain child in my family. To protect the privacy of his nuclear family, I will render no additional details. But the milestone of course brings home how much fuckery and shittery we have all endured these past one or two years. (more…)

Amor Fati

What we have here is a rare and magical moment. The baby has decided to sleep in. The spouse has left for work. The dog has been walked and is back asleep. The dishwasher is emptied, tea has been brewed, and the house is more-or-less tidy. I have a few minutes of undisturbed selfishness this morning for some much needed self maintenance. Shall I spend those minutes in meditation, squeezing in a workout, reading a book, surfing the Net, answering emails, or staring blankly into space?


Nirrti’s Son

This is another personal, non-COVID, non-science post.  So if you’ve come here for pandemic analysis, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed.

As per my last “personal” post, I’ve been jiggling with my morning routine more and more. The biggest issue is that I find myself a (common law) married man with an infant, which has really complicated the well refined productive process I developed over the first five decades of my life, but which relied heavily on being alone. (more…)

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