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Medieval (F)art

Not everything is about COVID, okay?

This past week I discovered the wonderful world of bad Medieval art. Here are some gems and what they look like to me.


The Leftovers

News of Wat and Some Really Old Dad Jokes

“Fun fact: You know that vaguely disgusted feeling you get when you see a hairless cat? That’s how chimpanzees feel when they look at us.” –Katie Herzog

Hi There

Now if that doesn’t make you a vegetarian, I don’t know what will. (more…)

The Council of Future Rays

Moving Out of the Watcave

This past week has been hectic, as I’ve moved all my crap into storage in preparation for renting out the Watcave to a good diplomat friend who really needs a place in my area. See, the Blonde Girl and I are house shopping, so I needed to empty my condo anyway. So this all works out. (more…)

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