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Is This Real Life?


I was born in a so-called Third World country with a very high infant mortality rate, the last of five children. We were a poor family in a rice-farming village. By the time I came around, my family’s financial situation had improved to the point where I was able to be born in actual hospital, rather than in a home in the village. This was considered progress and quite the luxury. Continue reading Is This Real Life?

Trivia Night!

On Thursday March 31st, the Ottawa chapter of the Canadian Society of Epidemiology & Biostatistics (Twitter @CSEBOttawa) hosted their first trivia night at the Royal Oak pub on campus.

I asked for, and was granted, the responsibility to be the game show host, a position I have long striven to fill. I thought of 50 questions, asked in four rounds, and five teams played. Here are the final results: Continue reading Trivia Night!