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Psychotherapy for HIV/AIDS Patients in Uganda

This episode of the Deonandia podcast was produced by three students from my undergraduate international health class in October of 2015.  Michelle Brazeau, Jessica Colbourne and Fallon Melville analyze a study titled, “Group support psychotherapy for depression treatment in people with HIV/AIDS in northern Uganda: a single-centre randomised controlled trial.”

Hazardous Alcohol Drinking in Russia

Once more, I turn this podcast over to my undergraduate students in my 4th year international health class.  This episode was recorded in 2015 by Anika Suri and Patrick Van Loon, and they chose to examine “Hazardous alcohol drinking and premature mortality in Russia: a population based case-control study.”

Maybe Baby? The Quest for Fertility Services Domestically and Abroad

April 25, 2017 — This is the audio of a presentation on Reproductive Tourism that I gave at a conference titled, Healthy Canada Conference 2017: Access to Affordable Medicines.  Copies of the PowerPoint presentations from the event are downloadable here.