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In Defence of Space

(This post has since been adapted into an article for The Huffington Post titled “No, Humanity Isn’t Worse Off Because Elon Musk Launched SpaceX”)

Nine years ago, I wrote this screed in response to Ashton Kutcher’s ill-informed comments about the price and benefits of the US space program. I returned to the topic two years later in this post.

It seems I must address this topic yet again, as angry activists have once more taken financial aim at expensive innovation, this time targeting space entrepreneur Elon Musk’s recent triumphant launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket, which, for the purposes of PR, included a Tesla sports car thrown to Mars and beyond. Continue reading In Defence of Space

A Plea for Optimism

A version of this article was subsequently published on The Huffington Post.


The Trumpocalypse is upon us. If you are among the Orange One’s supporters, congratulations; your guy won. In the words of a Facebook friend, I hope he’s as great as you think he is. For the sake of civility, I will assume that you had rational reasons for selecting him, and were not driven by hatred of women, non-Whites, or foreigners. Continue reading A Plea for Optimism

Is This Real Life?


I was born in a so-called Third World country with a very high infant mortality rate, the last of five children. We were a poor family in a rice-farming village. By the time I came around, my family’s financial situation had improved to the point where I was able to be born in actual hospital, rather than in a home in the village. This was considered progress and quite the luxury. Continue reading Is This Real Life?