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A Plea for Optimism

A version of this article was subsequently published on The Huffington Post.


The Trumpocalypse is upon us. If you are among the Orange One’s supporters, congratulations; your guy won. In the words of a Facebook friend, I hope he’s as great as you think he is. For the sake of civility, I will assume that you had rational reasons for selecting him, and were not driven by hatred of women, non-Whites, or foreigners. Continue reading A Plea for Optimism

Is This Real Life?


I was born in a so-called Third World country with a very high infant mortality rate, the last of five children. We were a poor family in a rice-farming village. By the time I came around, my family’s financial situation had improved to the point where I was able to be born in actual hospital, rather than in a home in the village. This was considered progress and quite the luxury. Continue reading Is This Real Life?