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Cilantro Does Not Taste Like Soap

As promised, I will reveal all (well, not all, but most) of the results of my adventure into personal full genome sequencing. But I will reserve that for a more formal article that is forthcoming. Suffice it to say that I am not, in fact, a chimp. I know, I’m disappointed, too. I did discover, though, that I HAVE BROWN EYES! I, too, am shocked. Continue reading Cilantro Does Not Taste Like Soap

Wicked Smaht Learnings in Bahston

Boston from the plane

Greetings from Boston (well, Cambridge, to be precise) where I have arrived to do some science-y stuff on the M.I.T. campus, specifically regarding the sequencing of my mostly-chimp genome.  Rest assured, further details about this frivolous and expensive adventure will be forthcoming.

The last time I was in Boston was over a decade ago. I had a consulting meeting with a large drug company that is headquartered in New London, CT. (I’m sure now you know which company. Hint: the meeting was in a large facility that I affectionately call “Viagra Towers.”) I had hoped that they would fly me into New York so I could spend some happy Manhattan time. Instead, they flew me into Boston and limousined me back and forth to New London.

Now, that might sound pretty comfortable (and it was), but for a working class dude like me, it’s weirdly uncomfortable having a chauffeur for an extended period of time. I always feel the need to make small talk, like he’s a taxi driver. Quite awkward. I would have preferred a bus.

This time around I’m staying within a 20 minute walk from M.I.T. I have to say, the M.I.T. campus is gorgeous.

There’s even a building here that’s supposed to look like a boat. Can you see it:

Boston is kind of cool. I like how everything is “wicked”:

And I just got back from my evening burrito quest, as always wondering if I should stray from my vegetarian tendencies and opt for the chicken.. then I saw this sign, right next to the daycare, and realized…. yep, it’s going to be a rice and beans night:

All right, I lied. I had a roast beef sandwich. Bad fake vegetarian Ray. Bad.

My favourite part of the trip so far is my Russian taxi driver cursing out the driver in front of him for not making the left turn on time. “Got to be a fucking Uber driver!” he kept saying. Now I’m afraid to use Uber here.

Random Musings

Today I watched the Fall finale of the first season of Star Trek: Discovery. I enjoyed it, despite the persistently unlikable main character, atrocious fight scenes, and character departures. As they’ve now introduced the multiverse, maybe this nonsensical abuse of the canon can make more sense: it takes place in an alternate universe.

Despite my intention to spend this evening holed up in a hotel room getting all kinds of shit done, I have instead been binge watching the 2nd season of Stranger Things. (Check out my review of season one.) So far I only have this to say: Holy shit, Paul Reiser got OLD!

I leave you with these images of medical art from the Koch Institute at M.I.T.:

In Defence of M………ing Piglets

“You know Apple?  They’re makers of wristwatches for dorks.” -Bill Maher

My retreat from social media

As you might know, I have taken a temporary retreat from active participation in social media.  (These posts are passively posted to both my Twitter and Facebook accounts, but I’m not actively monitoring or contributing to those platforms). The major reason was that a recent cultural shift has made it uncomfortable for me to laugh at things that I like to laugh at. Continue reading In Defence of M………ing Piglets