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It’s Time For Scientists to Lead

By Raywat Deonandan, PhD
Associate Professor & Assistant Director
Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences
University of Ottawa

A shortened version of this blog post was published in The Toronto Star on Mar 17, 2020, under the same title.

David Suzuki used to tell the story of going to a convention of dentists and being amused that everyone there looked at his teeth before looking into his eyes. It was a reminder to him that we all unconsciously see the world through the filters of our professions. (more…)

Get In, Loser

Remembering John Last

Dr John Last

So many things to catch y’all up on.  Where to begin?  How about with some sad news. I only just now learned that legendary Epidemiologist John Last passed away last September. (more…)

Revisiting the Overpopulation Question

One of the strange things about my profession is that I can never predict what the public will be fascinated by. Some years ago, I wrote a paper predicting that the sperm quality of men in less industrialized populations would not be as compromised as that of us men in the developed world. But what went viral was the paper’s introduction, which repeated what pretty much every gamete researcher already knows, that measured sperm quality has been declining for decades. (more…)

Why We Need a Control Group

A common casual discussion topic among my fellow educators is the question of what the essential focus should be for a true universal education system. Having seen an increasing sense of innumeracy and relative ignorance of recent history among my own students, my default position is always that everyone –young and old– could benefit from remediation in both mathematics and general history. (more…)

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