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Deonandan’s Twitter Tweets

  • 04:31 : off to Montreal tomorrow to speak at the WHO Simulation ( Come on down! #
  • 15:31 : thinking up new Twitter haikus. Stay tuned! #
  • 16:39 : you’d think the chiropractor’s waiting room would have ergonomic chairs. But noooooo. Because that would give me PLEASURE. #
  • 16:45 : Twitter haiku #4 – "A chiropractor / Sees an insurance broker / Gets an adjustment." #

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Other Twitter Haikus

Okay, thanks to Rondi I’m using LoudTwitter to automatically upload my recent Twitter updates as blog posts. This is relevant because I’m also trying to create a new art form: the Twitter haiku.

Yesterday, LoudTwitter uploaded only one of my little poetic gems, so I need to catch you up. Here are the original three. Let’ see if I can keep this up!

  • : my first Twitter haiku… ‘Eat cheesies watch porn / Why is my penis orange? / Mysteries of life.’
  • : Twitter haiku #2 – “Opportunity / Can come from pornography / Chance to feel cocky.”
  • : Twitter haiku #3 – “Salmon liver oil / Essential part of perfume / Something smells fishy.”

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