A Brief Primer on Trans Fats

Yes, I struggled long and hard to find a way to make a clever title conflating trans fats with transgenderism, but failed. Probably for the best, as these posts are already getting me into the kind of trouble I fled Facebook to avoid.

Last week, I was interviewed by a couple of Carleton University journalism students about the epidemiology of trans fats as a health factor. I will stream that interview from this site when I get their permission. But I thought I would take a moment to describe to lay people why there is such a concern over trans fats in our foods. Continue reading A Brief Primer on Trans Fats

Zina Bash Has Tourettes Of the Hands

But She Has A Good Name For a Flash Gordon Villain

Trumpette and Stephen Miller disciple Zina Bash made Twitter news when she was seen sitting behind supreme court hopeful Brett Kavanaugh, awkwardly contorting her right hand into a symbol that most media aware people recognize as the new White Power symbol (three fingers forming a “W” while the thumb and forefinger form an “OK”, i.e. “it’s OK to be White”): Continue reading Zina Bash Has Tourettes Of the Hands

My Vegan Pizza Order Arrived With Chicken

Life With The Blonde One

Want to know what it’s like being me?

I went to the Middle Eastern grocery store “Adonis” last week, and asked my Significant Other if she wanted anything. She indicated that she would appreciate some baba ganouj, because who wouldn’t? Well, this is how the conversation actually went: Continue reading My Vegan Pizza Order Arrived With Chicken

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