Revisiting the Overpopulation Question

One of the strange things about my profession is that I can never predict what the public will be fascinated by. Some years ago, I wrote a paper predicting that the sperm quality of men in less industrialized populations would not be as compromised as that of us men in the developed world. But what went viral was the paper’s introduction, which repeated what pretty much every gamete researcher already knows, that measured sperm quality has been declining for decades. Continue reading Revisiting the Overpopulation Question

Yes, I Was In Jail, But It’s Not What You Think

My sabbatical is nearly over.¬† Thank you, taxpayers. In slow preparation for my return to full-time professordom, I attended two back-to-back convocation ceremonies this past week in Ottawa. Here’s a pic of me mugging with our Vice Dean of Research, Jeff Jutai. At this point, I’m seriously wondering why I didn’t take advantage of Canada’s new marijuana liberalization laws. It might have made the experience a tad more bearable:

Lord Deonandan & Professor Jutai

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