What’s the Hook? Knowledge Translation and Media Best Practices for Researchers

April 29, 2019 — I was privileged to present to the PhD students of the Population Health program at the University of Ottawa. The topic was generally how to make a knowledge mobilization plan, but more specifically about how to turn one’s research into an opinion-editorial article. A PDF of my slides are available here.

Peterson vs Žižek: My Review of the Debate

Well, I did a foolish thing last night. My sister had come over, and instead of drinking wine and watching backlogged episodes of The Good Fight with her (which is what we like to do together), I was sucked into the Internet world of pop-intelligentsia, falling for the Barnum-esque spectacle that was the “debate” between Jordan Peterson and Slavoj Žižek. Billed as the “debate of the century”, it was supposed to answer the question of which system is better for human happiness, Capitalism or Marxism. Continue reading Peterson vs Žižek: My Review of the Debate

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