Supergirl, Hasselhoff, African Debt and Kindergarten Mom.

The Nietzschean superman exists… and he’s a Russian girl. This story was reported by the BBC, too, so it’s looking legitimate. She’s a witch! Burn her!

This will really creep you out. Bollywood held their version of the Oscars this weekend. And who was named International Star of the Year? David Hasselhoff. It’s true, my droogies; the end is nigh. Click here, too, though I recommend some light narcotics to go with the latter link.

And now some good news. Canada has cancelled the debt owed it by Zambia, Honduras and Rwanda, for a sum of $52 million. The more cynical among us would say this is an inexpensive ploy by the foundering Liberal government to improve its profile on the eve of a federal election. The less cynical among us would say exactly the same thing.

In my continuing role as public educator, I present a bit of historical trivia. The photo below is of the young Peruvian girl Lina Medina wh0, at the tender age of 5, gave birth to a healthy baby boy, making her the youngest human mother in recorded history. Now doesn’t that just give us all the collective douche chills? Yeeesh.

Taking A Break From Doing My Taxes…

Apparently frogs are exploding in Germany. Seems the old Franco-Prussian hostilities never ceased.

I love Denny’s, that wonderful American one-stop-centre for all things cheap, breakfasty and greasy. But there’s growing evidence for some deep-seeded racist activities at several outlets of this chain. Oh what is a frugal yet socially conscious bruncher to do?

Now why didn’t I think of this? A tamper proof drinking glass!

Good Ol’ Nojjy Boy sends us this story about how one can soon pay to have one’s genetic heritage tracked back tens of thousands of years! How better to explain one’s unusual affinity for chimpish behaviour?

Self promotion alert:

In celebration of Asian Heritage Month, please join us for an evening of readings and discussion from seven celebrated Ottawa area poets and authors of Asian descent. Presenters include:

Cyril Dabydeen
Raywat Deonandan
Asoka Weerasinghe
Bing He
Betty Warrington-Kearsley
Veena Gokhale
Shakir Sheikh

Date: Tuesday May 17th, 2005
Time: 6-9pm
Place: Ottawa Public Library, Main Auditorium, 120 Metcalfe St.

Books will be available for purchase from Octopus Books and refreshments will be served.

Random Stuff In The Wee Hours

Check it out: one of my books is being sold on Ebay!

Here’s a story about how the majority of condoms in India are being made into saris!

Click here to see George W. Bush rap about the draft.

Meanwhile, we sink deepere into the looking glass, as a US general admits he approved “extreme interrogation techniques” in Iraq, yet no one seems to care.

And for all of you who love science and its role as the foundation of our civilization, this op-ed from Scientific American is required reading.

Neil H. sends us this article about free speech being muzzled in Canada, and Linda G-F sends us this cartoon from The New Yorker:

And with that, I’m off to bed. Still severely jet-lagged, you see.

Busy, Busy, Busy

Hello. I know many of you are waiting for photos from my African adventure, but you’ll just have to wait! I’m much too busy and the batteries in my camera are dead, so I can’t transfer any images yet! Stay tuned, though….

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