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COVID19: Why Are Cases Increasing But Deaths Are Not? (Podcast Episode)

COVID19: What’s All This “Second Wave” Business? (Podcast Episode)

COVID19: Keeping Schools Safe (Podcast Episode)

Sep 13, 2020 — I’ve been ignoring this podcast of late and focusing more on writing COVID-related blog posts. So I’ve decided to triple-down on the messaging and am recording both video and audio companion casts for the most read blog posts. Today, I talk about the overall plan for opening public schools safely in the era of COVID-19, as per this post. The video is here:

COVID19: Is A Second Wave Inevitable?

by Raywat Deonandan, PhD
Epidemiologist & Associate Professor
University of Ottawa
(I add my credentials to these COVID-19 blog posts in case they get shared. I want readers to know that my opinion is supposedly an educated and informed one)

Aside from questions about safe school openings or the likelihood of a vaccine coming to market soon, the most common question I get these days has to do with the fabled “second wave.” In fact, I’ll be on a UK chat show in a few hours talking about this very thing. So I felt that now was a good time to write down my thoughts on the matter, lest my mind go completely blank as soon as that camera goes on.

As with all of these COVID posts, if you identify an error, please let me know in the comments below. I especially welcome scientists with relevant expertise to educate me if I’ve wandered too far off the compound.


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