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Wheat Belly, Grain Brain, Fat Wat

glutenfreeI’m a fat dude.  Okay, that’s not actually true.  I’m a fit middle-aged man who can probably kick your ass (if you’re asleep, tied down, or in a wheelchair).  But I was a fat kid; and once the fat self-image gets in your brain, it never ever goes away, despite the evidence offered by either the mirror or the bench press machine. Continue reading Wheat Belly, Grain Brain, Fat Wat

12 Points About The Snowden Affair


The Internet is alive with arguments over the nature of the so-called Snowden affair.  I certainly have my opinions on the matter.  I don’t expect everyone to agree with me.  But I do expect that anyone who wishes to engage me on this topic bring a useful argument or perspective to the table; because, frankly, I find that most people –on both sides of the argument– haven’t taken the time to educate themselves on the issues, the technologies, or the historical contexts, to craft a cogent position. Continue reading 12 Points About The Snowden Affair

Seven Billion People

Greetings from onboard a Westjet flight from Ottawa to Vancouver.  Award for funniest line of the morning goes to the Westjet flight attendant who announced, while in mid-air: “Smoking is strictly prohibited on this flight. Anyone caught smoking will be asked to leave the aircraft immediately.”  Okay, so things seem funnier in the air. Continue reading Seven Billion People