Aid This, Beeeyatch

“The vast majority of scientists studying climate change agree that the

basis for concern is scientifically sound. Media reports often tend to focus

on the more controversial elements of the science related to the details of

climate change, and to talk to those scientists who represent polarized

views of scientific understanding. They also frequently fail to place new

science within the context of the large body of existing knowledge, hence

ignoring the considerable agreement within the expert science community on

the fundamental principles and processes involved. Hence such reports are

not a good representation of the understanding of the expert science

community.” –Meteorological Service of Canada

Back to business, huh? That’s a great link above, by the way. It really spells out the problems with climate change deniers’ insistence that the “scientific community” is divided on the issue. Points out that several of the more famous “declarations” by “scientists” opposed to the Kyoto Accords had signatories who were very often TV weathermen! Yep, I want the dweeb on my local newscast deciding international industrial policy.

Okay, this is incredible: Ann Coulter’s latest irrational diatribe. In it she defends the US foreign aid record as one of the “most generous” by –get this– lumping the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan as “aid” since they occurred, according to her, to rescue the indigenous populations from dictators. Lord save us from any more of such “aid.”

I’m exhausted, both physically and emotionally. Just want to lie down for a week.