Damn Evil Editors

You know every day I get onto this thing fully intending on producing one of the political diatribes so common in last year’s blog. But then I lose the desire and end up talking about TV shows. So why fight it?

Judging from the comments from my last post, a lot of people watched the finale of The Amazing Race 6. People I met on the bus wanted to talk about it. People at work want to talk about it. My chiropractor brought it up while snapping my neck. Concensus: the winners, Freddy and Kendra, are a couple of embarassing racist schmucks, and Jon and Kris should have won. Not surprisingly, Kendra is now claiming that her comments about Africa –that it is “wretched and disgusting… [Africans] just keep breeding and breeding in this poverty. I just can’t take it.”– were taken “out of context” by those evil editors at CBS.

Exactly what context would make those statements not ignorant?

What the Race needs is non-American competitors. Let Canadians and Australians show ignorant they are for a change. Until the start of the show’s 7th installment, my plan is to cancel my cable (I said plan not intent) and only download my favourite shows, especially MGM’s Stargate-SG1 and Stargate: Atlantis. Sure it’s probably illegal, but how’s MGM gonna find out? That is, um, unless they read this blog.