Separated At Birth, part 1

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I’m seeing twins everywhere. Ever notice how much Cynthia Nixon (Miranda from Sex And The City) looks like Cone McCaslin from Sum-41?

Sex in the City alumna, Cynthia Nixon

Sum 41 member, Cone McCaslin

And what about denogginized journalist Daniel Pearl and idiot comedian Tim Allen? Eerie.

Murdered journalist, Daniel Pearl

Comedian, Tim Allen

So The Amazing Race 6 ended this evening. Sadly my favourite team of Jon and Kris did not win, due to a lazy moment at the airline ticketing counter, and the annoying, ignorant near-racist team of Freddy and Kendra took home the million dollars. I take small consolation in knowing that that idiot Hayden finally had the hissy meltdown that had been building for weeks and was unable to finish the penultimate leg of the race. Why her fool boyfriend proposed to her I’ll never know. What does all this mean, you ask? Simple: I have no life.